Top 6 Jewelry Clasps for Jewelry Making

Published: 01st April 2011
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When we make jewelry pieces such as necklaces and bracelets, one of the necessary jewelry supplies is jewelry clasps. Jewelry clasps hold necklace and bracelets ends together. Choosing affordable and best sell clasp depends on its function as well as the option to incorporate the look into the overall design of the piece of jewelry pieces. Some clasps secure better than others do, though these types may be more difficult to manipulate. Jewelry clasps come in different style, such as box clasps, hook and s-hook clasps, lobster claw, spring clasps, toggle clasps, magnetic clasps, screw clasps, slide lock clasps, and so on. During these jewelry clasps, there are top 6 jewelry clasps which are most popular for jewelry making

Box Clasps

A box clasp holds one end of a chain with a fitted boxed housing with a notch in it. A lever formed from flat piece of metal folded over fits into the notch like a tongue when compressed. To release this type of clasp, simply press the two ends of the protruding lever together and pull out of the box.

Hook and Eye Clasps

One of the most traditional and easy to use clasps is the hook and eye. The hook attached to one end of the bracelet or necklace secures the other end by hooking through the eye. The hook and eye clasp is recommended for heavy, bulky necklaces and bracelets.

Lobster Clasps

The lobster clasps is among the most popular closures for necklaces and bracelets. The lobster clasp opens by pressing a hinge, which opens a ring into a claw shape. The claw catches a loop or ring on the other end of the chain, securing the two ends together. The lobster clasp is known for its strength, which is why it is commonly used in all types of jewelry. Due to the way they function, it can be difficult for some people to open and close them with one hand.

S Hook Clasps

Another of the traditional and popular fasteners is the "S" hook clasp because of its simplicity and ease of use. Both ends are shaped like an "S" and either end may fasten into the ring attached at both ends of the chain or thread.

Spring Clasps

The spring ring clasp opens by pulling the arm of the clasp backwards by use of a spring-loaded apparatus. It is similar to lobster clasps. However, the shape is different, as the ring is circular. The closure works with a spring mechanism and lever. Push down on the lever and insert the other end of the bracelet into the ring to properly secure it.

Toggle Clasps

Toggle clasps are made up of a bar and ring, and ca be easy to manipulate. They are widely used to secure bracelets, anklets and necklaces. A toggle clasp has an open, centered component attached to one end of the chain. This component can be a ring, flower, star, heart, oval and so on. The other end of the chain fits with a T-bar which inserts into the hole.

All the top 6 clasps as well as other jewelry clasps can be made in different colors and sizes. All of them can be purchased from at low wholesale prices and cheap shipping.

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